About Mark

Who is the guy behind the lens?

I’m sure, if you family is like mine, you have boxes full of photos, in cupboards, in albums maybe in the loft. but always acessible whenever you want to take a stroll down memory lane.

When I was ten I went on a school trip to London and, as it was my first time away from home, I was let loose with my parent’s camera, first roll of film and 24 shots to tell the story of the trip. After a few days of shooting landmarks and the antics of my friends I was hooked. Ever since I have been taking pictures. It wasn’t just about clicking the shutter though the best thing about taking photos, and thing I love the most,  is reaction people have to seeing them.

I learned, even then, that photos are magical – they have the power to transport you back to a point in time, a special event in your life. They even allow you to connect with previous generations in your family.

I believe I’m not just taking pictures – I’m making memories.

I look forward to meeting you and learning all about you.

Most of the great feedback I get from clients relates not only to the pictures I deliver to them but also what a blast they had working with me to get them.

Twelve things about me

1. I’m a total coffee nerd – I realised that was true when a friend sat down with me and counted how many gadgets I own for making the perfect brew. My current favourite is a flat white which I think I have just about mastered..

2. I have been a Scout since I was eleven. When I hit 18 I became a leader and have been doing it ever since. Find me every summer camping in the Lakes with my Troop.

3. I have completed the Great North Run six times and love to run through the mud along the River Wear.

4. I hold four world records (You get to find out which ones if you ask me when we meet some of them are quite embarrassing)

5. I have been in a quite a few bands playing everything from Funk to Industrial music.

6. I have been producing music and writing songs since I was a teenager.

7. I am my cat Heidi’s favourite human being – partly because we really hit it off at the animal shelter but mostly because she can’t open the cat food packets without my help.

8. I’m probably a dog person too.

9. I’m a total geek – love gadgets and occasional even read instruction manuals

10. I apparently have the same shadow as TinTin

11. I used to be a total 4×4 nut but I’m currently obsessed with my Mini Clubman

12. I love people so being a photographer is pretty much my dream job.

I have TinTin's shadow - Maybe he wants it back!
I've been in Scouts since I was 11

I've played in loads of bands
I can often be seen taking selfies to test my lighting setups